• I'm a married Southern California naturist, who enjoys making beer, hunting, fishing, hiking, and a whole host of things.
  • Nirvana Mountain Meadow
    As I've gotten older, I really appreciate the simple things in life more than ever. At 53, I enjoy comfortable blue jeans, good book, glass of wine, warm campfire, camping under the stars, and a mountain meadow to explore on nude hike among snow capped mountains. Hope you enjoy these glimpses of me among one of my favorite places ❤️❤️ Nirvana
    Nude Girls, Outdoors, Shaved, Amateur, Nature
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    • I didn't notice any blue skies or snow capped mountains. But the scenery was magnificent!!!!!
    • the last picture kind of shows Nirvana's pussy lips a little opening up, is there any way you could just show more of her lovely pussy up close, thank you in advance
    • Wow, a gorgeous woman in a beautiful setting.  Thank you!
    • Wow Nirvana ...  53? Are you sure that is not supposed to be 35? You are beautiful :)
    • You are beautiful but would be even prettier with some fur on that kitty.

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