• Cowboys and Indians. Love playing that game. Waiting for the photographer to show up to work on this project  I'm in the desert mountains in Arizona. It's a busy public hiking park. One hiker asked me if I needed something. I looked up at him and explained I was waiting to do photos. He volunteered and I thought hmmm perfect scenario to corrupt this hit hard bodied guy. It was time to get wild in the west. I started off subtle then I told him I want to do something more fun. He said o m g. I was flashing ang trying to get away with as much as possible. That was just the start.  You have to tune in for part 2 to see the rest. Xoxoxo S K
  • You know that feeling of you just can't get enough of something that makes your entire body shake and quiver with ecstasy. Love having time to think about what I can come up with next that will be ground breaking sexxxx. :) Fore play is so important. Dressing up and stripping down is just the start. I have 2 submissions here already. This is because I have had so much mail about more I love to please so here is a little more. Xo S.Kitten

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