• As promised, we uploaded a more complete version, the part that was cut from the video for EroticClips section. Do not judge strictly, we are the first time in H.C.  Jennifer is very naughty and sensual, if you like her we'll take another video soon!
  • Easy music, slow moves, calling look... This video turned out really special, we hope you will also appreciate all eroticism of J and our enthusiasm...
  • Hi! Some people say I'm moving too slowly ... but I like to feel every moment...and I'm ready to obey the tempo that partner will set.... If you like what we like - no panties under the dress - then next month wait for the full version at HC section....
  • Hello again.. This time I'll start teasing you bottomless... I just love dressing in my man's clothes at home and this hoodie is one of those things... but I'll take it off...for you..
  • The second video from our bedroom. I really like your comments, thanks for the support!!!

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