• we are swingers and love to play and have fun <br />
    wife has taken to doing things for me when im away and sends pics and videos of her fun times <br />
    i do the same when i get a female on my own
  • Ok, so here she is getting herself to cum and all the white cream to prove it. This is an older one she sent me but its worth a look I'm sure. As always don't bother with the rude comments not needed. Hope to get over soon to make a few good fuck videos with her and VOTES guys please.
  • Ok now she gives them some together and some ball time. As said before if you don't like don't comment also don't ask her to join you. She is not posting, I am (male) Comments guys if you want to see the cum shots after this one and Votes want over 4 star to post the money shots. Thanks for having fun with us and we are still looking for someone to meet up with us in Bali on the 1st of Aug to fuck her with me..
  • Ok so this is the best cum video, hope you enjoy it. Again I was not there so I did not take them and No she does not fuck them but you will see he does finger her pussy. Sorry you can't see it very well. But if we get good comments I may post one of me fucking her after these ones. VOTES guys come on! Negative remarks will just be removed as not needed. Takes lots for the girls to want to post and when negative comments are left it makes them feel like not posting again so be nice guys its not hard..

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