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Most women have likely performed a striptease in their lifetime, but it’s an art form and doing it well is rare. She needs to be confident in her sexiness and her ability to command a man’s attention with her body. If she’s at all self-conscious about looking silly as she takes her clothes off the whole thing will be ruined. Luckily, every amateur striptease we post is breathtaking and stars a sexy girl that knows exactly what she’s doing and how to remove every article of clothing in the most arousing way possible. At its heart a striptease consists of a girl removing her clothes in a sensual, tempting manner. Her task is to captivate and arouse her audience, whoever that might be, and make sure they’re rock hard when she’s done. We receive sexy striptease videos that show beautiful wives stripping for their husbands as they enjoy the most incredible shows of their lives. The clips are sexier simply because the girl is married and doing it for her man. She wants him to be horny as hell by the time she’s done so they can have great sex and that fact makes it so much hotter when you see her disrobe for him. A good amateur striptease includes sensual movements of the body, a little bit of dancing, and the removal of her clothes. A simple sway of the hips as she tosses her shirt aside can be enough to give a guy a boner, especially if there’s a look of lust in her eyes as she does it. A stripping chick knows that teasing can be fun so sometimes she’ll cover her tits with a hand and do the same with her pussy after she’s pulled off her panties. There are quite a few striptease picture galleries to browse, and while they provide a different form of entertainment it can be just as thrilling. Each new picture is a treat as she’s wearing a little bit less clothing and has more flesh exposed. You see her tits covered by something sexy and then get to enjoy them in the nude as she flaunts her hotness. As you scroll down the page the pictures get increasingly naughtier and the wife looks so much better. You may also be interested in: Beach voyeur pics Nice firm tits Short mini skirt no panties Amateur topless beach babes Big pink nipples Naked women in public Perfect small tits