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Only a small percentage of women are capable of squirting when they orgasm and some of those lovely ladies have shared their orgasmic delights with us. In pictures and videos they show the hot masturbation and fucking that brings them to the brink of climax and the female ejaculation that results. Some cunts go off like a fountain with juice flying into the air and soaking the bed or covering their man in liquid. For others it’s more of a slow and steady stream that leaks out of the vagina. Both types of lady orgasm look great though. Solo masturbation squirting is the easiest type since the girl knows exactly how to make her vagina explode with pure lust and leave a sticky mess behind. Hard dildo fucking can bring a girl to climax and leave a mess, as can vibrator play and solo fingering where she works all the nerve endings to get off. When the amateur squirting begins she pulls the toys and her hands away and lets it flow out of her. If it’s an especially good orgasm there will be a wet torrent rushing out of her hole and into the air. Husbands and boyfriends get in on the squirting action too as they can easily give their women the kinds of orgasms that make them shoot liquid from their wet cunts. Some of the squirting video submissions we’ve received show rock hard cock pounding into a truly soaking wet vagina as the girl moans loudly and begs him to make her cum. Right as she’s about to squirt he pulls out, steps back, and lets the liquid flow with some of it landing on him. It’s hugely entertaining to watch and the chick always shakes in post-orgasmic bliss. Fingering from a man seems to be the most effective way of getting a girl to squirt. The guy can dig deep into her pussy with his digits and stimulate the right areas. He can rub her clit and hit her g-spot at the same time and as she gets closer her whole body will begin to shake. It’s the kind of orgasm that overwhelms a woman and that makes it so much sexier to watch. Some ladies don’t even expect to squirt, as a few of the videos demonstrate. You may also be interested in: Short mini skirt no panties Sexy naked breasts Frontal wives Rate my tits Pouty pussy lips Naughty self pics Nude wives