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Nature is inherently beautiful and when you pair it with a gorgeous girl and her naked body you get irresistible natural porn. It seems that forests, fields of pretty flowers and tall grasses, rivers, lakes, and mountains are aphrodisiacs as women can’t seem to resist stripping naked to pose and masturbate and couples can’t help but indulge in natural sex as she lies on her back with a view of the treetops overhead as he thrusts into her pussy with a view of her beautiful tits bouncing and her pretty face contorted in orgasmic delight. Sex is always arousing but it’s so much better when amongst the trees and beautiful green leaves.
Natural photographs have been popular since the first cameras were invented so it’s no surprise that naked women would be introduced to that environment to make it more appealing. A woman’s body and nature are two of the most beautiful things on the planet, so why not bring them together? With a background of gorgeous trees or a rushing river, a pair of perky naked breasts is a jaw-dropping treat. Part of what makes these free natural pics so exciting is the idea that they’re all alone out there and that something naughty could happen at any moment because no one is around to hear or watch. That’s why couples end up fucking in the woods so often. Their urges take over and with nothing to stop them they’re soon making love.
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Anyone that’s been on a hike with a girlfriend knows the allure of stripping and fucking in nature. It’s quiet, peaceful, and gorgeous and you can’t help but want to make love to the person you’re in lust with. Natural sex videos from amateur couples capture those feelings in their rawest, most beautiful state as they screw in a private, beautiful place with no one else around. In POV scenes guys hold the camera as they get a great blowjob and bend their lady over a tree for a quickie. Couples that want to take their time will set the cam down to screw on a blanket or just use a bed of leaves to hold them as they make passionate love. There is truly nothing more beautiful than sex in nature and we have lots of amazing scenes to share.
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