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Feb 11, 2018

If any of the young men in my classes have ever wondered what is underneath my skirt when I turn around to write on the board, here it is! I can't help but to wonder, once again, what they woud think hmmmm

Model Age : Mature 40+ Picture Of : Myself

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  •  I'd hafta forward my mail to her crack, because that's where I'd be living for a while.  I'm a non-smoker and have no pets, so maybe she won't charge a deposit. The horny boys dream that your clothes will magically disintegrate while you bend over to pick up something, giving them a view of your butthole, taint, and the back of your jj.  
  • Superb bedbooty
  • I wish I had you as my instructor. Your absolutely gorgeous! 
  • Why stop at thinking? I would love to spank that ass.
  • If I was one of your students I would be hard permanently in your classes ...
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