Nearly 39 And Still Hot As Ever

Posted by: DevAng

Jul 12, 2008

Hi everyone, This lady is the love of my life, we have been married 20 years and together 23.
We have 2 boys and she still kept her figure. What a hottie. She also has the best personality of any woman i have known and met, she is truly an amazing woman with a great sexual appetite.

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  • OMG, what a Gorgeous, Attractive, Hot, Sexy, Voluptuous Girl, worthy of Long Term Uninterrupted heavy Duty Actions. Extremely Keen to hear fm U Luvly Folks at : [email protected]
  • wow she is hot,great body, more please, can she spread those delicious legs for us so we can see her hot wet tasty pussy lips, thanks nc
  • What will it take... you women who think a boob job makes you more sexually appealing???? Get real. Health issues will arise. Your call, but a bad one. I vote 'awful'
  • I like the before boobs better. Too much is too much. Other than that, you are great. Also prefur trimmed rather than shaved. To each his own.
  • MAN! the legs & ass on that girl are FINE! hope to see more!
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