Barby Strips For Las Vegas

Posted by: Barby

Jul 12, 2008

Hi Guy's
I've just returned from a barby vacation to Las Vegas.....
Our hotel overlook the whole strip..!!! and i was feeling
very naughty so i did my own strip for Las vegas to see.

Love and sucks

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  • I think Barby has a Nice Ass.
  • Where's your other brother Darryl?
  • so hard right now. I wish i was there to touch that lucious body of yours. why o why cant i find someone like you.
  • wow she is hot, more please, can she spread those delicious legs for us so we can see her hot wet tasty pussy , thanks nc
  • WOW, Hey how about a black nylon demi bra & panty or thong pict,please??I LOVE your "look" and your huge breasts with those SUPER areolas and nipples , and what an ass too,WOW...Henderson [email protected] USA.....
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