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Posted by: kiwisu41

Jun 14, 2008

hello again VWers, I was out visiting Pohongina valley, one of the many pretty places New Zealand has to offer and decided to take some pix of the lovely colours of Autumn. As always thanks to the nice people who enjoy curvy ladies and A special hello to the Aussies, our friends and neighbours

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  • I like curvy ladies.
  • I wish kiwisu41 was still participating here!  I hope she is alive, well and happy in 2018. 
  • Yummmy  !!!!! nice Spread's , any big fun toy's too ? ,,, thanks [email protected]
  • talk about a sex godess......u r perfection.

    u gotta come to the uk!
  • Kiwisu: forget Pohongina valley, you are definately one of the prettier sights New Zealand has to offer & your all natural as well. I'd love to get e-mail w/more of your magnificent "seenery". [email protected] com
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