Our Secret Cove

Posted by: Peanut

Jun 14, 2008

Here's our first post in about 8 years. Took a little adventure to a clothing optional beach on the East shore of Lake Tahoe. About 15-20 nudists enjoying the sun, sand and (still cold) lake. Beautiful scenery in more than one sense...

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  • DONT GIVE TO MUCH INFO TO OUR LIL SECRET COVE....yes we saw you there
    [email protected]
  • Thanks for the support.
    Secret Cove is 4.5 mi North of the 50/29 interchange.
    ZR1: tickled to be on your list.
  • If i gave you the right email address, maybe you could let me know where it's at? [email protected]
  • Email me with the location. I have a time share at Incline, and they always tell me there isn't one. This gives me a reason to use it.
    [email protected]
  • Got my seaplane rating there. I remember the nude girls on the rocks very well. It was hard to keep my mind on my instructions.
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