Bree - Little Green Dress

Posted by: Bree

Jun 14, 2008

I found this cute little dress at one of my all-time favorite places to shop, a local thrift store ... it's amazing the treasures you discover at such places!!!! After recently reading an article about Marilyn Monroe and her life-long good friend/photographer and having my new cute little dress, it inspired me to try a shoot with that similar sultry feel that just seemed to flow out of the images they created. A person never can create that same magic, but I hope you can feel a little of what I'm talking about...

Sláinte ~ Bree

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  • Oh Bree, what you do to me. You are such a sexy woman. Incredibly hot pics, so well done.
  • Bree, what wonderful photos! I am an accomplished artist...Really! I have been wanting to do an artful, semi nude for some time but I am a lousy photographer and it's difficult to find a model who can pose without looking as tho she is. You are Perfec
  • Great lighting and camera angles. And the model is absolutely gorgeous!
  • hi Sexy, looks like the shark ate my comment, grrrr! Can't exactly remember, something about Elvis wanting you to star in a movie with him.

    anyways, you know how much I luv your creative shots, and and especially your scumptious f'kble
  • Turn on the ligth, stupid!!!
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