Txtina Rows

Posted by: Tina

Jun 14, 2008

It's been a long time since we've posted! Hope to see some old friends! (who remembers the VW year book?) Just having some fun rowing on the river. Got more than a few looks.

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  • Great body. trying yto figure out what part of the Trinity river. Had to be either near Trinity Park or on the stretch between Westover Hills and University where the new Trinity Uptown project is going.
  • Perfect. I love naked\topless athletics. Especially when it is impossible to cover up.

    Loved it. Please send me more.
  • ow what a sexy woman you made me happy today. please send some pics to [email protected] and make my weekend. tnx
  • So THAT'S how you stay in such good shape? Wish I lived in Texas & could try that too. Especially with a view like this. ;)

    comelywnch @ yahoo.com

  • That is one of the hottest ideas ever! Awesome boobs. You are so hot! More please!!! [email protected]
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