Romantic In Corsica

Posted by: yiahii

Feb 14, 2008

hello from french riviera,
here is a romantic set for the st valentin day :)
next set will be with more close up of yiahi's intimity..
waiting for contacts with other couples
yiahii & olivier

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  • Superb shots! Hope to see more from you here.
    Thanks for sharing!!!
  • You look as if you, you look amazing, & the scenery was okay, my eye was on you all the time, where else would it be?
  • Wow, great scenery Yiahii. You look absolutely stunning in the wild! Would love to have a live encounter with the animal you must be. Let's see more of your nakedness. Love&licks Viking :-p [email protected]
  • Wow! She's hot. Love her legs and beautiful complexion. Beautiful breasts too. Great poses; great setting. Please doe some more soon!
  • I was in Corsica last summer but I did not see this view. kISSES
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