First Time - Skirt

Posted by: Just me

Feb 14, 2008

Hi, this is my first time posting on this site. I hope you like my contribution!
On my husbands birthday I put on the skirt he likes most and started teasing him.

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  • very pretty to see her without so much clothing,thanks.
  • The pantyhose pics are smoking hot. Show us some full frontals with seamless pantyhose and no panties
  • Great Start! now get her out to the bar without the hose and panties and take of few snaps. then, take her out in the parking lot, slide the skirt up and take a few more. have her suck a little dick, maybe more than one or four and then fuck her.
  • NO PANTIES under pantyhose, didn't you get the fucking memo!
  • HI baby :yiur husband is so luky!
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