Love Story slow Dance Remix

Posted by: Red Cloud

Feb 14, 2008

Hello, Dolly!
My Way, In a Sentimental Mood
Over the Rainbow
Samba Pa Petite Fleur, And I Love Her
Wonderland by Night!

Fausto Papetti

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  • 100%Perfect!
  • Outstanding photography
  • Dulci supersexy, a me fai venire in mente Prince ... ti amiamoooooo
  • BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS!!!! FLY ME TO THE MOON. love all of your photos you are such a great model--perfect ass and tits, ---everything. love to see you always. thanks jon
  • i'm 43, holy s**t!!! what a f'n amazing contri!!!! WOW!!!! great pics!!!! THANX!!!!
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