Cheating 26 Year Old Girlfriend

Posted by: girlfriend

Feb 14, 2008

My cute but unfaithful girlfriend. She went to school for a few months and fucked some younger stud. I'm giving her another chance.

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  • With that great set of tits and tight looking pussy I can see why you gave her another chance. I would give this beautiful lady more chances than one if she is as good as she looks.
    I would love too see a vidio of her in action so that I could imagi
  • dude, we all had her, but thanks for forgiving her. want to see the pics?
  • there all cheaters! just deal with it and move on.
  • idiot, at it and its ok, what a fool
  • dude, 'forgive' my's obvious you liked the fact she fucked another guy, that cuckold thing....turns you on....
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