Happy Valentines to My Hubby

Posted by: Sabrina

Feb 14, 2013

New outfits, and lots of fun for my man

Wife/Wives Brunette Lingerie

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  • just love the striped leggings. they really show off the fine shapely legs. I'd like to sidle up behind you and rub my dick in between your sweet butt cheeks, wrap my arms around you and play with your tits all while licking and kissing the back of your neck and shoulders.
  • Lucky hubby! What is stumping me is the hair color. Maybe a contri showing the carpet? So we can color match the drapery?
  • Hello to everyone, something came up and we could not view this until today. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and the speaking up for us. More to come!
  • Lucky B! :D First 3 pics are very imagintive :D
  • Beauty like that can't be improved on.
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