47 Year Old Wife

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Feb 14, 2013

Big Tits Wife/Wives Mature

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  • Ricky2Wide I agree with you.... that is a major prpoblem today, if a person don't particularly like something all they do is badmouth those that are willing to show. I hate that VW seems to promote the assholes....
  • Hey rpm888, talbot, Fancy Pants, HubbaBubba and all you other badmouths who do nothin' but dump on the women on this site, I bet not one of you would be willing to put your own naked bodies on display and listen to responses that you would get! You're probably all little needle-dicked nerds with rotten teeth living in your mama's basement!! You must prefer stick pussy instead of women! Have any of you ever even been with a woman? Show a little class (and just a tiny amount of intelligence) and if the lady isn't quite your cup of tea just shut the fuck up! Jesus, that shit gets old in a hurry!!!!!
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