Being A Good Neighbor

Posted by: Sexxx Kitten

Jun 9, 2018

I'm fortunate to have many good neighbors. They always give me a nice hello and a smile everyday. I don't know them personally but I can tell you they know me skin deep. I always open my blinds fully in my bedroom each morning to let the light in and the voyeur eyes.  I'm usually changing in front of my window or rolling around in my bed getting my morning pleasure. Sometimes I'm aware of them looking in trying to be nonchalant. But it always gives me a thrill. Exhibitionist. Xo S.Kitten 

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  • wantu, hope you do
  • boomerblacksmith, how do you know
  • If I was your neighbor, I'd cum over to borrow something just to see you !
  • I could explain it to you but you wouldn't understand
  • boomerblacksmith, but your here again for the millionth time looking at my page and all the comments. Don't you see what I'm talking about. If you had no interest you would have never come back here ??????
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