My Wife Exhibits Herself In A Night-Club

Posted by: Elfie

Jun 5, 2018

For this New Years Eve, my wife dressed up in high heels, see-thru skirt, deep-cleavage corset and stockings. She was queen of the dance floor, every man watched her breasts and tried to get a glimpse of her garters. Later, when she relaxed on a sofa, the spotlight turned on her and a small crowd gathered around. She started to show off her legs, enjoying the attention, revealing more and more. And finally showing her gleaming wet pussy. After this we fucked on that sofa, but then I had dropped the camera, sorry!

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  • very hot. we are a young couple from germany. do you want to trade pics with ous? our email is: [email protected]
  • I love it.  skype?  add me       [email protected]
  • ツ ➞
  • I love her see thru skirt in public
  • You guys who post abusive and insulting comments:  It's up to you if you like the pics or not, but why don't you just move on? Also I've noticed the negative comments mostly come from guys who haven't published anything, they are just envious and negative, and should have no right to criticize!
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