Wife In Our Boat

Posted by: Aggie

May 29, 2018

Wife helping to launch our boat at Lake Havasu. We needed help, she thought this would be the best way to attract it. It worked!

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  • If these photos motivate you to "get back in shape" I wish you all success. And while you're doing that maybe your photographer can learn how the "focus" button on the camera works. 
  • you guys don't understand, I didn't post to win a contest/ money got plenty, didn't post thinking the photos were good there not,  top two are polaroid the bottom is I phone5 crappy camera. I did this for motivation to get back in shape. the top two and the bottom are separated by 25 years but they are all of me. guess I could of stripped in the local super market parking lot and wait for the news crew or police, thought this a better idea. I'm getting ready to post a new one taken last week, I think a big improvement in body, guess well see. 
  • Rubbish
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  • Doesn't even look like the same lady to me.....
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