Nirvana In Leather

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May 28, 2018

As the season changes, it's time to put away winter and spring clothes and get ready for summer! So here's a quick glimpse of Nirvana in her leather jacket and thigh high boots before the seasonal shift to miniskirts and sandals for warmer weather. We rarely do indoor pics like this, but at 53 Nirvana decided to enter this month's special theme contest "Best Over 40 Cougar".  Please vote and leave her comment with what you think... Thanks! ❤️❤️

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  • Your pussy looks amazing
  • Stunning!!!
  • Amazing beauty
  •  Thanks everyone for your support, sexy comments and votes in May. Seems like many of you enjoyed this 10 pic contri in the "Private Shots" section and with a 4.124 rating that's not bad for an older gal like me LOL. I don't often post here as I prefer outdoor pics on the "Freestyle or NIP" section of Voyeurweb and I know many of you really want to see my face and keep commenting on that.....sorry, but for personal reasons I'm not yet comfortable sharing that personal side of me. Maybe it leaves you desiring to see more to the imagination just like sexy lingerie does to the nude body. Anyway, I do hope you continue appreciating my full 10 pic contris each month in the "NIP, Freestyle and Erotic Clips sections" and don't hesitate to leave me comments or suggestions on my personal blog at "Sam's forum" on the RCBB. I've read all of your 56 comments below and really appreciate your sexy messages. Thanks to each of you for stopping by to view my "Nirvana in Leather" contri. Please let me know if you want to see more in months ahead......xoxo  Nirvana
  • This outfit is perfect. Love those boots. God Nirvana's tits make me crazy - that pussy...everything! SO HOT!
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