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May 16, 2018

Introducing TT.  After lurking on this site off and on since about '02, trying to define my image of the most perfect Tiny Tits, I somehow managed not only to meet her in person, but I am about to marry her.  I've always liked Tiny Tits the best, ever since I was a pup!  It took a lifetime to finally meet her.  So here, for the world to see, is my definition the most perfect set of Tiny Tits Ever!  These pics were taken last year when she was 50! If you don't like Tiny Tits, kindly move along now, and keep your negative comments to yourself.  For the rest of us TT admirers, please enjoy!  Great comments bring more submissions!


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  • Those are yummy tits and nipples.
  • hot looking breast show more please [email protected]
  • Beautiful breasts, but please show more
  • Very nice!!!
  • Congratulations and I hope you will be showing more of her.
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