Vacation Pictures

Posted by: Alex

May 12, 2018

Just a few new pics of my 51 yo wife.  Some from a recent vacation, got to get an early start on the tan.

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  • You have a very attractive and sexy wife. Thanks to both of you for sharing the images with us.
  • Love your feet on picture 2 ! Beautiful tits and an amazing body.  Great light on yummy nipples in picture 5. Just beautiful. Would love to see more of you(r) amazingly sexy feet ! Kisses and thanx for sharing !  I got very horny 
  • Love the robe flash! Would like you to cock tease me with robe cleavage and pokie nipples before I convince you to open it up!
  • Very nice body and a cute little landing strip
  • you are sooo sexy wish I knew you hon !!!! you are the sexist lady on here , wish you were here in Gulf Shores !!!!!!    
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