Wild In The West

Posted by: Sexxx Kitten

May 10, 2018

Cowboys and Indians. Love playing that game. Waiting for the photographer to show up to work on this project  I'm in the desert mountains in Arizona. It's a busy public hiking park. One hiker asked me if I needed something. I looked up at him and explained I was waiting to do photos. He volunteered and I thought hmmm perfect scenario to corrupt this hit hard bodied guy. It was time to get wild in the west. I started off subtle then I told him I want to do something more fun. He said o m g. I was flashing ang trying to get away with as much as possible. That was just the start.  You have to tune in for part 2 to see the rest. Xoxoxo S K

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  • Elise, thanks Elise my love
  • That’s a hot story SK! I love it. You look amazing, as always! 
  • I’d like to poke your ahontus. 
  • Delicious!!!
  • The song "Sweet Indian Princess" keeps sounding in my head.
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