Beaver Creek

Posted by: Lisa

May 9, 2018

Here are some more from the day We went to Beaver Creek to shoot, like the comments. And this time I'm again loading the pictures as they appear in My Photo Folder, so the ones where she's standing are loaded with her head at the top, if their turned I have NO IDEA WHY.

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  • Sit on my face beautiful , would love to bury my tongue in your beautiful pussy, what a gorgeous body. Please show your amazing ass too.
  • I also tried cropping one of the photos and got an "Ooops!" message that the cropped image could not be saved. 
  • SirChrl1 I feel your pain 100%! If you loaded these photos correctly we should not be looking at them sideways. I tried downloading one and then rotating it but couldn't get the rotated image to save. Lisa deserves to be seen as you photographed her. 
  • Lisa,  I really love your incredibly hot, naked body!  Would love to get naked with you and have steamy sex together!  Just looking at you gets my cock extremely hard!  WOW!  You are an absolute knockout!  I love you Lisa!  Shawn ([email protected])
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