Nirvana Highway

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Apr 28, 2018

There's something about a long road trip that brings out the sexy fun in my wife! U.S 60 is a major highway that stretches 2,670 miles from Arizona all the way to Virginia. As we were driving along U.S. 60 entering New Mexico, Nirvana needed to stretch her legs and wanted a pic by the state sign. After a little encouragement, one tit flash turned into 9 more pics culminating in nothing but Nirvana nude in the middle of the highway. These pics have become the best postcards of our adventures exploring America. Hope you enjoy Nirvana taking some risk to be fully exposed in public location. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement. Your superb votes and fun comments encourage Nirvana to share even more! ❤️❤️

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  • Nirvana is the hottest lady on this website, so sexy, amazing body, perfect little tits and bald pussy.
  • These are outstanding! Love every part of your sexy petite body. We also love outdoor nudity and sex, but do not have the courage to post.  So it's nice to enjoy other people's great memories. Thanks!
  • i like your nip ... only i think you Looks in high heel sandals more sexyer
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  • Thanks everyone....all 225,000 of you that viewed and voted on this contri as well as 72 of you that took the time to leave me sexy, fun comments. I've said it before and I'll say it again.....THANKS. I really appreciate your votes, the support and encouragement and it's fun reading your thoughts. I always place a heart to the far right next to each comment that I've read and like, just my way of saying thanks again! So to answer some questions....yes, I'm kind of a strange gal to figure out. While I'm often shy and reluctant at first to strip and pose nude, I usually succumb to my husband's wishes. I guess you can say I'm easily persuaded by him and I do love to please. I think that's one of the traits my husband likes the best in me. We're both total amateurs at this....I've never modeled and he's never taken photos seriously until we discovered this fun "nude photo" hobby together and his iPhone makes it easy and discreet. We've been married many years, and last year at age 52, we decided to share some of my pics here at Voyeurweb. It was first time we've ever posted my pics anywhere. Reading the comments and encouragement were a real libido boost for me too as it's easy to not feel as sexy in my 50's....happens to many of us at that age I think. I should also mention as a teenage girl, I was a real tomboy, into sports and very competitive.....I hated losing. That mentality now carries forward in these monthly photo contris. If I'm going to share 10 pics in a full contri, I'm optimistic for a good score and top 5 finish. That's why I love your "superb votes". I hope you don't blame me for that LOL. Anyway, I'm rambling and again just wanted to say thanks everyone! Watch for more erotic pics of me this month....I think you know where to find me LOL. The weather is getting warmer and our travels continue to take us in search of beautiful locations throughout the USA, so that means more nude hikes, mountain climbing, days at the beach, bikini (or no bikini) skinny dipping season. It's an endless pursuit to experience and capture the funs things in life while we can. I can't wait to share even more with you soon, so stay tuned!!! .....xoxo Nirvana
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