Nirvana On The Rocks

Posted by: Nude Nirvana NN (53)

Apr 26, 2018

Continuing on our road trip to explore the beauty of the American southwest .... my wife, Nirvana decided to put on her hiking boots and cowboy hat and do a nude hike and scramble on the rocks not far from the busy parking lot. She tried to be careful not to fully expose herself to the busy hikers and mountain bikers sharing the trail, however a few smiled as they caught casual glimpses along with second looks as they passed by her on their way. Hope you enjoy this video of "Nirvana on the Rocks" and thanks for sharing your support and comments for my wife. Nirvana is 53....and feeling older, less sexy and confident over the past few years. So your "superb" vote builds her confidence and truly means a lot towards our decision to continue sharing these erotic experiences with you. Thank you again! ❤️❤️

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  • The only improvement would be a face.  Everything else cannot be topped.  Natural breasts are especially exciting!  Please keep posting.
  • Wonderful!  Please keep posting.
  • vow,enjoyed the video.....the  ending wherein camera was zoomed on the vagina is superb
  • NudeNirvana, Shine on you crazy diamond.  Fantastic video
  • To all of you that commented on my video.....THANK YOU! It truly means a lot to receive so many sexy, fun comments. Now to answer a few questions, yes I am 53 and I'm totally natural and have never modeled before. I just started sharing my pics here last year at age my age, I figured, why not? It was the first time I've ever shared myself online anywhere.  So what's my secret.....I try to stay in shape by running, doing yoga, lifting weights and exercise to keep my flat tummy and lean legs from getting flabby. I enjoy eating whatever I want including pizza, french fries, cookies, chocolate etc but try to burn it off daily. I enjoy glass of wine in evening and plenty of sex during the week. I think sex 4-5 nights a week is important as it boosts your mental spirit, keeps good circulation of blood flow & helps insure our sexy parts keep working properly haha.  I also like to get good nights sleep and sex makes me sleepy so that's a good thing too. As a high school girl in the late 70's I enjoyed rock and roll, fast cars and having fun. As time has passed, I now enjoy the simpler things in life, like beautiful scenery, long hikes "often nude" as well as relaxing days at the beach. Believe it or not, I am often a little shy and reluctant to pose, it just depends on my mood, time of day and whether I'm feeling sexy.....girls, I'm sure you can relate to that. My husband is persuasive however and he gives me lots of encouragement.  My nude photos have also become a fun hobby that we share together, as he enjoys discovering beautiful locations to catch me with his iPhone. I think sharing a fun hobby together is important in a long term marriage. "Find things that are fun together, and you stay together." Anyway....sorry to ramble, but thanks again for all your support and encouragement and look for more pics from me in May .....xoxo  Nirvana
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