You Asked For Preggo Pics

Posted by: Cyndi Lui Who

Feb 13, 2018

My first preggo shoot! I'm about four months and I love the extra fluff on my body. 6/26 is my due date and soon I find out if I have a girl bun or a boy bun but either way show the bun some love!!!

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  • Poor.
  • AWESOME as always...if up to me you WOOD win all the time.
  • Bum is dope!
  • Love ya Cyndi! Superb pick as always! One more thing I don't usually complain but Mitchs you sure are a sorry asshole. No wonder you have 0 friends here...
  • Mitchs, actually I won one time 100 bucks. I'm pregnant unemployed and care for my dad who has cancer and is dying. Don't judge people without knowing anything about them. 
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