Instructor Takes A Snow Day

Posted by: Instructnaked

Feb 8, 2018

So we had some snow again this week and the bosses at the school where I teach closed down the campus.  Although it was quite chilly, getting naked in the snow, I definitely felt warm "down there". I set up my own camera on a tripod and took some shots; I did see the mailman stop by and take a peek; I was going to cover up but decided not to. Again, I also couldn't help but to wonder what my students would think...

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  • You can be my teacher anytime
  • Snow Angel, join me in my hottub?!!?!?!??! 
  • Who cares what your students think. They wouldn't know what to do with a woman as hot as you are, my dear. I, however, have a few ideas...
  • Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can't to see you again?
  • Wow!....yum looking body! I am sending my special ops team to kidnap you I can get to do all the romance I want to do with you and release you back to your! [email protected]
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