Duesseldorf 2018 Part 2

Posted by: Nina

Feb 3, 2018

It was a cold day in January this year. We went to visit a great city in Germany, Düsseldorf. Nina goes for a short stroll around town. Part 2

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  • mmhhmhm mehr bitte..würd gern wirklich zuschauen dürfen..dann..bewundernd..meinen scheanz auspacken..tribute to you Nina...wenn di..ihr..sehen mögt wie ich..aufüberNina absritzzzze.... ? hi aus ös terreich.... f7000elix gmail com
  • Very daring!!  :-D
  • vwulf, BIG DEAL, so you found a translator and typed your lameass comment in to get German; Now you can pretend to be educated beyond your 2nd grade diploma. WHY DON'T YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?!!!
  • What a FUN gal!
  • WYF? Get closer or go home!
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