Duesseldorf 2018 Part 1

Posted by: Nina

Feb 2, 2018

It was a cold day in January this year. We went to visit a great city in Germany, Düsseldorf. Nina goes for a short stroll around town. Part 1

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  • Fucking hot hot hot! 
  • Beauty boobs and body; you have got it all. I like the clean shaved (or waxed) pussy and your firm ass
    Fantastic photos
    Ralph T
    [email protected]

  • Duesseldorf #3 come close, love to see her in town but she is far away. Thx for sharin
  • A shame you were in the cold, it would have given me the opportunity to take you back to the hotel and a hot shower combined with some hot sex.  I would want you to catch cold after that wonderful display of that sweet body !!!!!!!
  • Nice way to discoverDuesseldorf. Please go on
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