Nirvana Car Wash

Posted by: Nude Nirvana NN (53)

Jan 30, 2018

Vacation road trips are always fun, but it's a long and tiring drive from Colorado through New Mexico and Arizona to California and the car gets dirty.  So after a full day of driving, we pulled off the highway and Nirvana decided to stretch her legs and do some fun "nude in public" flashing during a quick car wash and refuel. This detour turned a boring, full day of driving into a sexy memorable experience.  My 53 year old wife Nirvana never ceases to amaze me with her adventure spirit and fun attitude.  We can only upload 10 pics per contri, so maybe more later with your encouraging feedback. As the sign on the wall in the last pic shows, we hope you "Have a Nice Shiny Day".  We also hope you enjoy this contri and leave Nirvana a superb vote and comment as she loves to read them all! ❤️❤️

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  • Sext as hell....yum.
  • Wow, I live less than 2 miles from that car wash - I wish I'd been there to enjoy the wonderful view.
  •  very exciting....over 350,000 views on this contri along with 133 comments and growing daily! So happy you enjoyed my "Nirvana Car Wash". That was definitely a sexy, adrenaline filled day. I was so nervous but that's what makes this so exciting and fun! I've read all of your sexy comments and "liked" them as noted with the heart! Thanks! If you're curious....there's a new 10 pic contri of me over at the "Freestyle" section called "Nirvana Beach Tease". Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to leave me comments and a vote over there too! This new contri is one of my favorites!
  • lovely bod, cunt and boots, but please show her face
  • So hot as usual, she is a very sexy, daring woman 
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