Raven Swallowz Xmas Presents

Posted by: Raven Swallowz

Jan 11, 2018

What does Santa bring to all of the ladies who make his naughty list? Check out all of the fun toys that he left under my tree for me. Of course, I made sure to wait under the tree for him. Santa loves to nibble on my cookies and he always brings me a nice, big candy cane to suck on. I hope that you enjoy my Xmas photos as much as I enjoyed the final gift that Santa left with me. Hugs, Kisses and Blowjobs, Raven

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  • Stunning!!!
  • WOW Raven you just keep getting more beautiful with time.
  • I would give almost anything to get to spend one night with Raven. So perfect
  • WELCOME BACK. RAVEN! Yes, I'm "shouting," but you have been away much much much too long and I've missed seeing you completely naked and so self-confident inside and occasionally out in public. You are the best, and deserve your own "Hall of Fame" section. And, as Bettie Page inspired an author many years ago so are you an inspiration to me in visualizing the heroine and love interest of a contemporary novel - if that's not saying too much ("If I've said too much my face is red, I stand corrected). If you ever decide to publish a Raven Swallowz calendar or "art photo" book I hope it will be possible to order one. Wishing you and your lucky photographer a great 2018! 
  • mistletoe alert!!!!! where to hang it where oh where can I be...why under over and through...hubba hubba hubba ( *}~ ( ﻩ )!( ﻩ ) & ( ! ) &¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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