Nude In City, In Color And B-W

Posted by: Diana

Jul 27, 2017

A few photos from one walk around the city. It seems to us in the b&w, it also looks sexy. Or is it still better in color?

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  • You're wonderful, my dick grows big whenever I see you.... ♥️
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  • Personally I prefer the pictures in colour because this creates more contrast and depth as it is for example the case with your pink labia, the slit between vagina and anus as well as with your butt and light brown asshole, it makes it all also more real. I hope you can appreciate my comments & compliments 
  • wow that's beautiful...more amateur nudes here...
  • Whether it's in B&W or color, we love to see you nude in public!!! It makes it so easy when you never wear panties or a bra :-)
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