Posted by: Kristin

Apr 25, 2017

My favorite moments of nude walks in forest. Long ago I did not share any pics made outside, here are some unpublished :)

Nude Girls Big Tits Outdoors Shaved Nature Firm Ass

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  • Hi, add me to friends on the website ➲
  • You are one Gorgeous Creature!!!  Would love to see some videos of you!
  • Kristin Playing - you are one of my all time favorites.  I'll miss ya.  thanks for all of the past photo's
  • Kristin Playing, Sorry that it became necessary for you to leave the site.  Frankly, I am not visiting as often as there isn't much voyeur content or NIP anymore and all the prizes seem to be awarded to professionals.  Back in the day, the webmasters would remove stolen content.  But now reports of stolen professional content being posted or professional models being used are simply ignored and comments noting the deception are promptly deleted, while trolls are allowed to spew venom at true amateurs with impunity.  My favorite models are "retiring" and new contributors do not seem to be replacing them.  If prizes have been reduced, it is likely due to a decline in the number of subscribers. Demographics may well be responsible as Boomers are retiring and have less disposable income. I have been a member here since 1998, but am questioning whether it is worthwhile to renew.  Thanks for your posts and best of luck to you both, Brian249x
  • Sorry, but we leaving this site. 3 years we were here, but the owners of the site less and less have the desire to share with the contributors your membership fees, for the last half of the year reducing the payment of prizes three times! which was originally the idea of this place - You pay for the subscription - they share it with the contributors (as Prizes). Main page still says "Participate in our competition TO WIN OVER 25000$" (in all sections) It was true year ago, now this lies. Now the total fund for all contributors is only $ 11000 per month for all prizes! Every month the site deceives subscribers and contributors at $ 14,000 !!!!! $ 168,000 a year in pocket of owners more than was year ago! It is not excluded that we will be banned here after we open your eyes, but I know that many contributors have long been laughing at the promises on the main page. Funny, it's our photo you see every day on a pop-up banner with "Special Promotional Offer" which calls you to pay more and more money (without our consent)... We have more friends and subscribers here than any other contributor - 1350+.  . It was fun to be here with all of you for 3 years, thank you all. Bye-Bye. Kris & P.
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