Adult Con 2002-14

Posted by: Faceman

Jun 14, 2003

I took theese pics at an adult industry expo (Porn Convention) last November. The pics are in the order in which I took them. I walked through out the hall several times, so if you see a girl you like keep checking back, she will probably turn up in a future posting. A lot of the pics contain no nudity, sorry but as my screen name suggests I am a faceman. They where shot with a Canon G2. This was my first chance to use this camera. I shot using all different settings from 4mp to 640x480. I reduced them using photoshop to 500x375 before croping. Several of the pics have faces blued out. They are fellow attendies and I Blued out their faces to protect the guilty ;-) I have a total of 33 contris, Most of which contain at least 1 pic containing nudity. If that’s not to your liking here is a novel idea, DON’T LOOK AT THEM!!!!.

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