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Posted by: Nikki Brazil

Jul 21, 2015

Hubby and I were at the nude beach laying out and getting some sun on my naked body. One voyeur after another keeps passing by. Well, they may have gotten a nice show! Its sunny and I have to make sure to lay out in a way that does not leave tan lines. Maybe they got the wrong Idea? And that last guy, sitting near me with that thing like that, really? Lol!

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  • <3 ➮
  • This is one of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen. Along with the gardener one. You inspire me. I really want to do this with my wife. How did you go about videoing it and not making it obvious?  
  • guys i find girl from this photo on Instagram!! >>>
  • HI GUYS MISS YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!  Just wanted to tell you that
    voyeurchamp wrote a post about my last year away from voyeurweb.  I have
    some videos still coming out on so be on the lookout. 
    Its been fun sharing with all of you and hearing about how hot everyone
    gets over my videos.  Started out as a fun thing but family and life
    made it so that I had to move on.  Who knows, maybe one day I post on vw
    again.  Until then enjoy my vids here and on voyeurchamp, oh and I
    think I still have some videos up at but my hubby
    may have let the site expire, not sure but maybe.  So Im still around
    reading comments once in a while and I really do miss all of you and all
    the fun.  Keep enjoying yourselves!  XOXO Nikki Brazil
  • Sweet  !!!!!!!   tease us more  , any big fun toy's too ? , thanks [email protected]
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