Nikki At The Nude Beach Teasing Old Men!

Posted by: Nikki Brazil

Mar 23, 2015

My hubby had to tell one of the guys to move back as he was creeping up so close on me. I did the legs up tease but made it look like I was applying suntan oil on my legs. I bent over in his face while hubby snuck a shot of all the old guys sitting by us watching me. They were being bad! So I had to punish the old guy by bending over in his face, dusting sand off my kitty, and sending him to the emergency room! Lol! PS: Follow me on twitter @NikkiBrazilxxx for my voyeurweb post and updates.

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  • HI GUYS MISS YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!  Just wanted to tell you that
    voyeurchamp wrote a post about my last year away from voyeurweb.  I have
    some videos still coming out on so be on the lookout. 
    Its been fun sharing with all of you and hearing about how hot everyone
    gets over my videos.  Started out as a fun thing but family and life
    made it so that I had to move on.  Who knows, maybe one day I post on vw
    again.  Until then enjoy my vids here and on voyeurchamp, oh and I
    think I still have some videos up at but my hubby
    may have let the site expire, not sure but maybe.  So Im still around
    reading comments once in a while and I really do miss all of you and all
    the fun.  Keep enjoying yourselves!  XOXO Nikki Brazil
  • a c... worth lady
  • hot tease
  • This is one of the hottest things I've ever seen in voyeur! How you tease that old senior made me get a hard on, really hot, think that that old fellow barely a few times in his life can see such horny lady with a smooth perfect shape pussy like yours I'm sure you has been in his mind for a long time. Thanks for sharing with us so erotic stuff we want more of this.
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