Pantiless Meal

Posted by: Casandra

Aug 21, 2014

My wife and I went out for dinner with her wearing nothing underneath. The video was taken using Smartphone, so the quality was not of high quality. Hope you all could enjoy it.


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  • mmmmm now that is a perfect meal ready to be eaten. great job. please post more. [email protected]
  • Do you like exchange pics or video? I am bi wives. Send me your pics and i send my pics, if you likle is possible encounter. kiss anna
    - [email protected]
  • You have a fantastic wife thinks for showing you beautiful sexy i love to go out for diner wit my sexy exhibitionist wife no bra wearing nothing undemearth she love exiting
  • did she sit so anyone could see something... I sure didn't see anything.
  • Waste of your time and mine.
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