Jade All Wet Still Photos

Posted by: Jade

May 17, 2013

COME join us for our photo shoot, be right here with us, view these shots that were shot while we took the video of our photo shoot ... this is just like being there, you be the photographer !! Watch the JADE ALL WET video and you're there as the Photographer !!


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  • Holy Toledo! You are sexy, sexy, sexy!
  • I hope GaryTR mastered the art of using the FOCUS button before he took more pictures.
  • love to lick your tasty pooper
  • Great model, lousy photographer . . .
  • You have stunningly gorgeous body. One I'm sure gets lots of second looks, even fully clothed. Thank goodness we get to see you in the nude. The last picture is so arousing and erotic to me. I'd give anything to have you up over me and have you hang those sexy pussy lips in my mouth so I could taste the sugar that would flow from them when you became aroused, too.
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