Merci Railroad Inspector Part 2

Posted by: Merci

Feb 14, 2003

This story really takes place after the pictures in this contri.... So we finish taking pictures on the train tracks and walk up a trail towards this sand spit thinking we would take some pictures there on the way back to the car. Cam sees this nice looking tree (yikes Cam not ANOTHER tree....) and so we start taking pictures and I start getting naked and laughing and getting into it when suddenly....... "Excuse me, but what are you guys doing...." IT IS A PARK RANGER!!!!! I duck behind the tree (it wasn't THAT big of a tree) and Cam starts talking to the guy. Ummm Cam, Honey, could you please HAND ME MY DAMN CLOTHES! He and the ranger are talking about the wildlife preserve we are apparently in and not supposed to be and Cam finally hands me my clothes!. I am embarassed and beet red, put my skirt on inside out, misbutton my shirt, the ranger was a bit embarassed to see us taking naked pictures, and Cam is oblivious, asking about the endangered plants..... Where is Heide or Dee when you need them? Of course on the way back to the car I was asking Cam why he didn't ask the guy if he would take a picture with me.... hehehe I am so brave after the fact:0) We only took a few pictures before being busted, but maybe they'll turn up in an econtri. It was just too funny not to share:0)

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