Tori On Sunset

Posted by: Tori

Jul 12, 2003

Hiya! Gosh it has been soo long...we're such slackers sometimes. I really missed posting, but, ya know...all caught up in the school thing, marriage and life in general. Over Memorial Day weekend we stayed at the ever-so-famous prestigious The Standard hotel on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. It is a retro'd out, art deco style hotel that has a club that is hard to get into unless you are a guest or famous. We felt special for the weekend...oh and I cant forget to mention their amazing cafe. Our rad room was equipped with a view of the Hollywood Hills, a stereo system, terry cloth bathrobes, potted cacti, private balcony and bright orange bathroom. Needless to say, we managed to take a few photos after a night of sake and sushi and posh LA life. We hope you enjoy this set, they sure were fun to make. And as always, lemmie know what ya think and how we can improve.

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